English Language Unit, (ELU) of Social Sciences, Language Center, Kuwait University

EAP, English for Social Sciences Course #142 - Sections 61, 03, and 04 - Spring 2009

We are going to use this wiki spaces for your final collaborative group-writing projects. Each student-group will have its own wiki space or page to write and learn, together. Also, this wiki is the Class main website where you'd find useful material and links related to the required course text-book, Weave It Together, and Grammar lessons.

I hope you enjoy your new learning experience in this class and find it beneficial.

Buthaina Al-Othman
Class Instructor & Facilitator


  • Students are NOT allowed to use Google Translator to change their writing assignments from Arabic to English because Google translate your sentences word by word, which means literal translation that would make no sense in English. Tolearn more about this problem, please click HERE. So, final Project Outlines and Papers written with the help of Google Translator will be completely IGNORED.

  • Plaigiarism is "7ARRAM". (Plagiarism means "stealing" or copying information from a website and then pasting or adding it to your final research paper). Instead, try to learn how to avoid plagiarism by using the tips at: http://library.acadiau.ca/tutorials/plagiarism/

P.S Here are some Book Reviews for you to read at http://metapsychology.mentalhelp.net/poc/center_index.php?id=396&cn=396

Good Luck,
Buthaina Al Othman