Final Project Procedures

Phase (2) - April 6 - April 15

  1. Search the Internet to find information about your topic. Make sure that the references or sites you decide to use are reliable sources.
  2. Start reading and filtering the collected information.
  3. Use your reading and writing skills to take notes and collect data. (See the Reading tips and the Writing tips handout)
  4. Go back to the outline of your essay to revise and improve it.
  5. Write your first draft paper.
  6. Submit your first draft paper (April 16)


Avoid plaigiarism! (that is, do not copy and paste information from websites to include in your paper - It is illegal and can put you in serious trouble).

  • Check List: Please check the list above to see that you have completed items 1 to 7. This will help you to work with ease, to accomplish your objectives for the final project, and submit required assignments on time. Thank you, (Buthaina AlOthman)