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Group 10




(Muneera didn't present with this group as she couldn't join the class when we moved to classroom #116. Instead, she presented with group 7, today, Monday, June 1, 2009 - Buthaina AlOthman).

Topic: plastic surgries

Histoy of plastic surgries.
Types and kinds of plastic surgries
Advantages and Disadvantages of plastic surgeries.

Every year thousand of people , males and females do plastic surgeries in a quest for perfection . When people hear of plastic surgeries they think about a Hollywood star .Do you know what plastic surgery mean ?! plastic surgery is a common name and it is taken from a Greek word " plastikos " which form or mold. The history of plastic surgery start many years ago . And it takes a lot of year's to move around the world For people who think of doing a plastic surgery they should know and learn about everything they need before doing it, so we will discuss the different types and kinds of plastic surgery , and the advantages and disadvantages of the plastic surgeries . (DaNa )

Types and kinds of plastic surgeries . Plastic surgeries have many kinds and types and it's divided to two groups. Firstly, cosmetic surgeries . people do cosmetic surgeries if they not satisfied with some parts in their bodies . Common cosmetic surgeries such us , hair transplant , make the breast larger or smaller , nose correction , liposuction , surgeries for aging face , lips correction , chin surgery ,cheeks correction , ear correction , brow lift , face lift surgeries and more than this . Secondly , reconstructive surgeries. Reconstructive surgeries correct defect on the face or body and physical birth defects like, cleft lips and ear deformities , traumatic injuries like those from dog bites or burns , or after disease treatments like rebuilding woman's breast after surgery from breast cancer . ( EnTeSar )

Advantages of plastic surgeries.There are many advantages of plastic surgeries. Wither it be to gain self confidence, lower the risk of unhealthy diseases or just feel better about one self. The advantages of plastic surgery do include being able to easily mix in with other people. Plastic surgeries can help a lot of persons like people who want to look younger by arising some lines people who have lines on their bags under their eyes.
Disadvantages of plastic surgeries. Any surgical procedure involves risk. Even if the medical experts are highly skilled there might be certain scenarios where things can go wrong and cause serious problems later on. Some of these are in faction and it is a normal problem during and after surgery. Many factors can contribute to this post operative problem, wrapping the upper part of your stomach around the esophagus might result in difficulty in swallowing or having a hard time burping so some surgical techniques might hinder functionality of your body and the enlarged breasts can also encourage breast cancer . ( Munera )

n conclusion, every body nowadays can do a plastic surgery, because it's available in it many way and types, but before that you should really think in all the consequences that could happen because most people do it for the wrong reasons but our suggestion for every one it's to learn to love them selves and their body the way that god gave them and to be happy with it because the true love and the satisfaction comes from the inside of each one of us not just from the outside!! ( DaNa )

Thank you, Group 10! Your topic and
aspects are good. It'd be a good idea if your could do a survey to ask some Kuwait University students for their opinions on plastic surgeries. You could interview a specialist to ask his opinion about plastic surgery addicts. What do think? And, you can now start working on your final project. Please see **Phase (1)**of the final project procedures so that you know what to do next. Thanks, (Buthaina AlOthman)