A Skype Conversation between Webhead, Dennis Oliver and Kuwait University EFL Students about American Holidays!


Dennis is an educator at Phoenix University, Arizona, USA. He is also a Webhead in action.
To learn more about Dennis, please go to http://www.d-oliver.net/

Yesterday, Monday, March 23, 2009, at 12:00 noon GMT, my students and I had the pleasure to meet, Dennis through Skype where we had an interesting conversation with him focused on some of the holidays celebrated in the United States, such as the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, and Halloween. Despite the technology problems in our classroom, four of my Social Sciences students/learners out of 40 in my English for Academic Purposes, (EAP) class managed to talk to Dennis.
Photos are HERE

The following are the questions raised by the students:
Question 1, by Dana:
How do you celebrate aloha week ?
and what people do in that day ?!
Question 2, by Reem:
1-how do you celebrate the 4th of july ?
2-what's your favorite holiday and why ?
Question 3, by Fatema:
the Hawaiian people have a celebration called The Pince
Kuhio Day.. who's Prince Kuhio ? and what did he do to deserve
to be honored like this ?
Question 4, by Sara:
the futh of july, what do you do as american to celebrate in this day?
does this day mean a lot to you ?

the hallowen, when do you celebrat this day?
and is it like our qerqe'an ?
The following is Dennis' message posted to us after we finished our conversation:
"Salaam, Buthaina and students!

I thoroughly enjoyed the conversations with your students today and I look forward to seeing photos.The students who asked questions did a very good job!The questions about Prince Kuhio Day made me curious to know more about this famous Hawaiian. Here's a little more information about him:
Hawai'i is unusual in the U.S. because it was, at one time, a kingdom. Here's a little more information:
I hope we can do more collaboration. I enjoy it!
Ma'a as-salaamah to everyone!"