Phase (3): (April 26 - May 24)

Presentation Week: Sunday, May 24 - Thursday, May 28

  • Creating Your PowerPoint Slides:

    1. Please read these Top 10 Slide Tips before creating your slides:
    2. Learn more about creating power point in the classroom at:
    3. See some Tips on Presentation Structure and Language

  • Create, Produce, Publish, and Share your PowerPoint presentation online:

  • Use ANY of the following social web tools: (Note: You need to create an account at the web-tool you select)
    1. Create, upload, and publish your PowerPoint slides at:
    2. Take screen shots of your power point slides, save them as images, and then upload and publish them at:
    3. Create, upload, and publish your PowerPoint slides on your Blog at
  • Upload, Publish, and Share Your video:

    1. Add YouTube Videos to PowerPoint through
    2. Create your own video using screen shots of your slides at
    3. Presentation sharing through Google
    4. Presentation sharing through Blogger (See examples of other students' presentations published on their Websitesand blogs).
    5. For students who conducted surveys or questionnaires, here is a tool to create online charts to show your results:

The following part of Phase (3) has been canceled. Students who have already submitted decent first drafts of their final term paper and their outlines will be given extra points for their hard work.
  1. Organize and write the final draft of your short research paper, using the feedback provided by your instructor on your first draft.
  2. Remember that you are required to write a minimum of Four (4) paragraphs research paper.
  3. Submit your Final Draft and Outline on Thursday, May 14, 2009. Please note, Late Papers Will NOT be Accepted.

  • Important: Plaigiarism! is "7ARRAM". (Plagiarism means "stealing" or copying information from a website and then pasting or adding it to your final research paper). This act is illegal and can put you in serious trouble. It is also forbidden, that is "7arram" in Islam.
Good Luck!
Buthaina AlOthman