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Metaphysics’ Secrets
Metaphysics is a division of the philosophy of natural science . It is an interesting science , but many people do not know much about it . The results of a survey conducted by Group 9 showed that 47% of the participants knew what metaphysics is , 40% did not know , 13% were not sure whether they knew or not . In this report , we would like to define metaphysics and provide a short review on The First Arabic Encyclopedia about metaphysics , “Behind The Science’s Wall”
. What is metaphysics ?! It is the philosophy which looks into the secrets and mysterious phenomena of the universe and everything scientists could not explain ,so far . The word metaphysics itself means behind nature . The Greek philosopher , Aristotle is considered the first one who wrote about this science in his book called The First Philosophy . However, he did not use the term metaphysics in any of his lectures or books at all . The word metaphysics came be sheer chance while his students were classifying his books in his private library . There are many mysterious phenomena , such as the worm hole , spontaneous human combustion , and Dracula . The worm hole connects between the two holes , the white hole and the black hole . Spontaneous human combustion , SHC , means human’s body burns automatically . Dracula is a real story , and he was a Walachia’s leader “a strange autobiography , which changed the history” , according to Abdelwhab Al-Sayed , author of “Behind The Science’s Wall” .
“Behind The Science’s Wall” is the first Arabic encyclopedia about metaphysics which was written by Abdelwhab Al-Sayed and Sannad Dkheel . Also , it is the first Arabic effort to study and discuss metaphysics . Unfortunately , almost all the Arabic resources which talk about metaphysics are not reliable , and if you want to read or do researches about metaphysics the Arabic writers are only “trying to convince you that everything here , in these Arabic resources , is right or everything is wrong “ , , according to Abdelwhab Al-Sayed. Behind The Science’s Wall is the book where you can find information and facts about the science of metaphysics . It is an overall encyclopedia . It has information about science , religion , engineering , leaders and magic . Some of the phenomena that the encyclopedia discussed were Biorhythm , this is means that the human nature has three parts of psychology which were discovered by William Filbs . They are mental , physical , and emotional parts . De ja vu is the most common and ambiguous theory that means to live in new situation and at the same time you remember living it in the past . “Bilocation” means to be in two places at the same time . Mars mysteries showed that when the American spaceships went to Mars to take photos , they found two weird pictures . The first one showed Mr. smiley face , and the other one showed a human face on Mars . And all these phenomena do not have an interpretation , so they are considered mysterious . Actually , the reason why people read about metaphysics is because “of their love of mysteries” , according to Abdelwhab Al-Sayed . This encyclopedia is a journey of discovery .
On the other hand , in the West we can find many efforts tried to improve the study of metaphysics . They took care of metaphysics and “they are trying to use metaphysics to improve their scientific researches” , according to Abdelwhab Al-Sayed . There are 35 associations in all over the world tried to improve the study of metaphysics . The American Society For Physical Researches is one of them . The main goal of this association is to study all the strange superstations specially those relating to human extraordinary abilities . Also, There are commissions (CSICOP) it is an independent commission which includes a lot of experts and scientists . The main goal of this commission is to check the trueness of the people who have extraordinary abilities .
In summary , metaphysics is an interesting science to learn about because it let us know more about secrets and mysteries of the universe . Behind The Science’s Wall is a very interesting encyclopedia with abnormal stories and pictures . We recommend that people learn and read more about metaphysics it helps to be open minded person .
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Aspects :
1) What is Metaphysics ?
2) The fisrt arabic encyclopedia about Metaphysics .
3) The first arabic writer who wrote about Metaphysics . (an interview with the author of the book,
Behind the walls of science)
4) Some examples about Metaphysics .

Metaphysics is a new branch of knowledge wich appeared in the last centuries . It confused people and scientists for long time .
It has been always related to mystries and secrets and some people don't believe in it totally !!
in the other hand many people prefare to not talk about it because they are afraid of these subjects .
Many scientists tried to do some researches to know more about Metaphysics , but till today there are many questions that
no body could find answers for them , thats why we tried to talk about Mitaphisics in a very simple way .

What is Metaphhysics ?!
What is Metaphysics ?! Or what MEtaphysics mean ?! ... It is a division of the philosophy of natural scinces and it's defind that it is the philosophy which look into the secreats and mysteries phenomena of the universe and all thing strange that scintist have found no explaination . The word (Metaphysics) itself means (Behind Natuer) . The philosopher (Aristotle) consider as the first who wrote about in this area when he has autherised a book talking about the mysteries of the universe called (The first philosophy) but he didn't use the term (Metaphysics) in any of his lectures or books at all !!
The word (Metaphysics) came by sheer chance while his students were classifing his book in his privete library the book (First philosophy) came directly behind the famoues book of natuer -which have been autherised by (Aristotle) also- then his students named his book (First philosophy) (Metaphysics) which means (The book which came after the book of natuer) , and from here the nomination (Behind Natuer) came to all strange phenomenaes and superstition

Some examples about metaphysics:
1- live fossils:
In 1856 while the explosives experts and engineers digging a tunnel for the train in the north-east France they faced a huge mass of limestone
so they had to use the explosives to break the mass then, a huge black bird came out between the dusts
and he had a very frightening beak with sharp teeth and the bird was lurching for a while then he felled down on the ground dead
central the workers distraught and they freez because of the strange bird then they hold themselves together

some of the workers carried this bird to the " natural history museum in Gray city and there they found that this bird lived in the pre-history time and the mass of limestone where the bird came out from, dating back to more than 150 million years
some scientists believed that this bird wouldnt be dead if the workers got him out from the rock carefully
and the cause of his death was the dynamites and how they use it for breaking the rock

and still this day no one knew how the bird survived all that time without oxygen

2- Worm Hole :

So many people use this term after the famous physical scientists (Stephen Hawking) maintain it in his theories . The (Worm Hole) is the corridor connecting between the black hole with white hole or between two separate long-distance in the vast universe . That's mean it can be consider the (Worm Hole) as a brief between two apart , but they didn't find any (Worm Hole) Astronomically so far . Some scientists believe that the (Worm Holes) are appendicitis and a very important feature is that any object will pass through them acquired negative energy , which it means that will come out in time prior to the time of entering!!
In spite of the complex of the theory and seems a bit utopian . However, scientists were able to prove mathematically in the last quarter of the twentieth century .

* At the end we can say , the fun of studieng Mitaphysics is in the mystries that we can find in the stories that we hear about .We also need more researches and studies about Metaphysics , more answers for our questions. we hope that we could say the most important points in this subject and hope you like it .

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